Siacoin algorithm

Siacoin algorithm


Hashing algorithm. Blake(2b). 4. Total quantity of hash chips. 180 chips. 5. Total quantity of hash boards. 3 boards per miner. 6. Total hash rate. 815GH/s±5%. 7. DC voltage input. 11.60~13.00 V. 8. DC current input @12V DC. 98.8 A +7%. 9. DC Power @12V DC input. 1186 W +7%. 10. 220VAC Power @25℃ ,93%.

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23 Jan 2018 Antminer A3 Review – Bitmain Surprises Everyone with This New Siacoin Miner Algorithm: Blake(2b); Total quantity of hash chips: 180 chips; Total quantity of boards: 3 boards per miner; Total hashrate: 815 GH/s +/-5% Siacoin is an altcoin that is employed in the Sia network as a local currency.

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Siacoin algorithm


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