Ith el eth runeword

Rune Word Allowed Items Rune Order Completed Stats Ancient's Pledge 3 Socket Shields Ral Level 7 Chain Lightning (60 Charges) Honor 5 Socket Melee Weapons Amn + El + Ith + Tir + Sol +160% Enhanced Damage Malice 3 Socket Melee Weapons Ith + El + Eth +33% Enhanced Damage +9 To Maximum Damage Michiel Koning 21,314 views · 5:09 · Bug Eth Armor - Diablo 2 - Duration: 5:28. There are . [Crafting guide] Cách ghép đồ Jewel Ith Rune Perfect Emerald---Damage Reduced by 1-4 Magic Damage Reduced by 1-2 Enhanced Defense +10-30% For Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Holy Freeze mercenary; socketed with a 40%  Malice. 3 Socket Melee Weapons. Ith + El + Eth. +33% Enhanced Damage +9 To Maximum Damage 100% Chance Of Open Wounds -25% Target Defense -100 To Monster Defense Per Hit Prevent Monster Heal +50 To Attack Rating Drain Life -5 

El; Eld; Tir; Nef; Eth; Ith; Tal; Ral; Ort; Thul; Amn; Sol; Shael; Dol; Hel; Io; Lum; Ko; Fal; Lem; Pul; Um; Mal; Ist; Gul; Vex; Ohm; Lo; Sur; Ber; Jah; Cham; Zod. Runewords Found: 0  Feel free to make a runeword from it, or (in the case of a normal leg) Malice stats: > Malice (Ith El Eth) > +33% Enhanced Damage > +9 To Maximum Damage > 100% Chance Of Open Wounds > -25% Target Defense > -100 To . base a character around "Trammel's Wirts Leg" maybe with a runeword. +10 To Energy +2 To Mana After Each Kill Lightning Resist +30% Damage Reduced By 7 +2 To Light Radius. Malice, 3 Socket Melee Weapons, Ith + El + Eth, +33% Enhanced Damage +9 To Maximum Damage 100% Chance Of Open Wounds -25% Target Defense -100 To Monster Defense Per Hit Prevent Monster Heal

Select a bunch of runes and hit the "Search" button to see which runewords you can make (and which runewords need one more rune). Your runes will be remembered for up to 4 weeks so when you return to this page you won't have to re-enter them all again. Zod Eth El Ith Lum Ist. Name:GG'd. Indestructable. +100 to all Cold Skills. +100 to All Sorc Cold Skills. +5000% Enhanced Damage to Cold Skills. +5000 Life. +5000 Mana. +100% Enhanced Life. +100% Enhanced Mana. +5000% More Exp gained. -100 to all your opponest Skills levels. -5000% Damage to 

Ith el eth runeword


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15 D Nef-Ith. Youth to,ct. 60. Dol-Amn. Zephyr mi,cq. 30. Ort-Eth. ZyEl be,bt,he,sh,to,we. 255. Zy-El (Like, duh!) Runeword. Item. Lv C. Runes (3). Accord sh,to. 140 @ Um-Pul-Ort. Amity cb,ma,sc,cq. 35. Thul-Tir-Eld. Ancient's Pledge sh,ch. 30. Ral-Ort-Tal. Apostle au. 150 P. Mal-Pul-Um. Aquarius bt,he,sh,to. 160 @ Ist-Ko-Ort. value bitcoin usd Togakure: --- Quote from: FrisianDude on March 05, 2011, 10:01:43 PM --- --- Quote from: Togakure on March 05, 2011, 09:58:03 PM ---Bada's equipment is not so fancy. He is wearing a Sigon set, and using a runeword called Malice (Ith El Eth) in a 3 soc flail bought for less than 3K gold from the smith lady in Lut Golein. sok research perspectives and challenges for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies Jun 6, 2011 El, Ith, Eth 20% Damage to Demons 5% Mana Stolen Per Hit 5 Normal Damage 80-100% Enhanced Damage 25% Increased Attack Speed -3% Enemy Magic Resist +10 Dexterity ---------------------------------------- -Lightning Spike- Javelins Ort, Nef, Tir 8% Lightning Damage 8 Health Per Kill 8 Mana Per Kill El, Sol, Mal. Eld, Shael, Ist. Tir, Dol, Gul. Nef, Hel, Vex. Eth, Io, Ohm. Ith, Lum, Lo. Tal, Ko, Sur. Ral, Fal, Ber. Ort, Lem, Jah. Thul, Pul, Cham. Amn, Um, Zod. ↑, ↑, ↑. all, all, all. none, none, none and I want to use my new. ---, El, Eld, Tir, Nef, Eth, Ith, Tal, Ral, Ort, Thul, Amn, Sol, Shael, Dol, Hel, Io, Lum, Ko, Fal, Lem, Pul, Um minor malice book pdf free download is brought to you by where you can download for free. minor malice are posted by Zane Johnson, one of univercity student of. Universidad de la Habana at feb 03 2014. disclaimer: all of book file in are save through the 

Si quieres ver de una forma muy explicita los efectos de heridas abiertas equipa a un lacayo barbaro de acto 5 con la runeword "Maldad" (Ith El Eth) a continuacion en normal o en pesa te vas al acto 2 a las puertas de Lut Gholein, y los tipicos "perrillos" o "monos" esos q tanto incordian dejaran de No, daggers and swords do not count as the same in terms of runewords. Only runewords that require "All Weapons" or "Melee weapons" can be made using a dagger. Fury - Jah + Gul + Eth - requires 3os melee weapon. Malice - Ith + El + Eth - 3os melee weapon. Strength - Amn + Tir - 2os melee weapon ethereum market share RUNEWORDS. Median XL contains 332 all-new runewords. Single rune runewords. Each runeword contains only one rune, but you can fill up the sockets before the rune with jewels. To make a runeword in an item with 4 sockets, for example, you need to insert 3 jewels + 1 rune. Grey items only! 0-5 Jewels +El  sell bitcoin on blockchain El +. Eth +. Ith. Sockets: [3]. Level Requirement: [15]. 20% Increased Attack Speed Adds (25-50) Damage +(30-60)% Enhanced Damage (10-15)% Chance of Open Wounds 4% Life Stolen Per Hit. Rune Bonuses. Weapon. +100 to Attack Rating +10% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 25% Extra Gold From Monsters. +3 To Inferno (Sorceress Only) +3 To Warmth (Sorceress Only) +2 To Mana After Each Kill Cold Resist +33%. Malice, 3 Socket Melee Weapons, Ith + El + Eth, +33% Enhanced Damage +9 To Maximum Damage 100% Chance Of Open Wounds -25% Target Defense -100 To Monster Defense Per Hit Prevent Monster HealJul 23, 2001 Magical Tower Shield+ Jewel+ Eth Rune (#5)+ Perfect Ruby Blood ShieldPreset Mods:1-4% Life Steal+10-20 Hit Points5-10 Damage to Melee Attacker Magical Field Plate+ Jewel+ Ith Rune (#6)+ Perfect Ruby Blood BodyPreset Mods:1-4% Life Steal+10-20 Hit points1-3 Demon Heal "Demon Heal" means 

Products 1 - 41 of 41 East Non-Ladder 10x Ist Rune Pack. $2.95, Add to Cart · East Non-Ladder 20x Jah + 20x Ber rune mix(40runes) LEGIT. $29.95, Add to Cart · East Non-Ladder 40x Ber Rune Pack LEGIT. $29.95, Add to Cart · East Non-Ladder 40x Ist Rune Pack. $7.95, Add to Cart · East Non-Ladder 40x Jah Rune Pack Bulgarian game portal. Diabo 2 , Runewords 1.10, Runewords 1.11, Uniques items , Set items , Mercenaries's stats, Horadric Recipes, Uber tristram and Diablo 2 Clone guides. Runes: Vex + Hel + El + Eld + Zod + Eth. Item: 6 Socket Weapons Required Level: 69 Runes: Jah + Ith + Ber. Item: 3 Socket Body Armor steem to bitcoin converter The Good News The Bad News New & Updated Runewords Runewords (2-socket) Runewords (3-socket) Runewords (4-socket) Runewords (5-socket) Runewords .. Runes (3) Eld-Thul-Ral Nef-Dol-Tal Ort-Mal-Dol Sol-Hel-Ko Ort-Sol-gmj Shael-Lem-El Shael-Lem-gmj Dol-Pul-Nef Ith-Zy-El Jah-Gul-Eth Ist-Ko-Thul  coinbase eth chart Mar 16, 2017 Runes are listed from most common to least common: El, Eld, Tir, Nef, Eth, Ith, Tal, Ral, Ort, Amn, Shael, and Thul are pretty common. You receive Ral, Ort and Tal as a quest reward in Act V. You shouldn't trade much for them since you can find them pretty easily with regular play. Don't fall for the “1 Shael  66% Proba. de blessures ouvertes 6% Vie volée à chaque coup 33% Coup mortel +5 à Frénésie (Barbare uniquement) Runes dans Arme : Ignore les défenses de l'adversaire +20% bonus du niveau d'attaque. Défense de la cible -25%. Malice (Méchanceté ) Ith El Eth · Arme de mêlée, 100% Proba. de blessures ouvertesSanctuary Runeword. Price 0.50$. Dream Runeword. Price 1.50$. Brand Runeword. Price 1.50$. Gloom Runeword. Price 0.50$ . Vex + Hel + El + Eld + Zod + Eth Jah + Ith + Ber +2 To All Skills +45% Faster Run/Walk +1 To Teleport +750-775 Defense (varies) + (0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On 

com. Jump to: navigation, search. It requires one inventory space and cannot be stacked, and it can be sold to any vendor in town Eld Rune is on Facebook. An Eld rune is a low rune which can be socketed into equipment in Diablo II: Lord of If you look at the list of all runes, you can find out the cube recipes to create a rune  tradeio eth Crystal Ith Eld Helmet, Tall charm (SOR) +1 sorceress skill levels; +10% FCR; +10 defense; +10 mana; 15% slower stamina drain; 15% damage taken goes to mana; repairs 1 durability in 5 seconds. Malice Ith El Eth Melee weapon; Quad charm +33% enchanced damage; +9 maximum damage; -25% target defense; +50  create ethereum mining pool Median XL contains 537 all-new runewords. but the runes from Similaire au système utilise dans D2 : Diablo 2 Patch - Page 1/1 - All-Searches. Oct 16, 2017 · Defense was around 400k, using several eth items, xis lo helm, xis ith boots, chest was 6x fire rune. com : Tous les Résultats relatifs à votre recherche sont  +10 에너지 +2 살상시마나증가 라이트닝저항 +30% 데미지감소 7 +2 시야증가. 맨 위로 이동. 원환. Malice, 3 Socket Melee Weapons 3 소켓 근접 무기, Ith + El + Eth 아이드 + 엘 + 에드 ╋ ╋, +33% 증가된데미지 +9 최대데미지 100% 상처악화 -25% 적방어력 -100 공격시 몬스터 디펜스 몬스터회복저지 +50 공격등급 라이프재생 -5.Enter number of each rune: El: Eld: Tir: Nef: Eth: Ith: Tal: Ral: Ort: Thul: Amn: Sol: Shael: Dol: Hel: Io: Lum: Ko: Fal: Lem: Pul: Um: Mal: Ist: Gul: Vex: Ohm: Lo: Sur: Ber: Jah: Cham: Zod: Runewords available (hover over name for details): include cubeable runes.

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Biggin's Bonnet, Cap (TC 3). 4, Tarnhelm, Skull Cap (TC 6). 5, 1, Coif of Glory, Helm (TC 12). 6, 1, Duskdeep, Full Helm (TC 15). 3, The Face of Horror, Mask (TC 21). 3, Howltusk, Great Helm (TC 24). 4, Wormskull, Bone Helm (TC 24). 6, 2, Undead Crown, Crown (TC 30) Apr 13, 2010 Malice 3 Socket Melee Weapons. Ith • El • Eth Level Requirement: 15 +33% Enhanced Damage +9 To Maximum Damage 100% Chance Of Open Wounds -25% Target Defense -100 To Monster Defense Per Hit Prevent Monster Heal +50 To Attack Rating Drain Life -5  hashrate test ethereum Feb 16, 2012 Ohm ("[name] == crystalsword # [IAS] >= 40"); ([429, 640, 615, 639]); // Dusk Shroud, Jah, Ith, Ber ENIGMA ("[name] == duskshroud # [skillteleport] == 1");. So, here basically I want either a perfect, non-eth CS, ST,  alphapool ethereum Feb 10, 2015 D2 early game? Hunt for big numbers! D2 experienced player early game? Hunt for a white 3 socket sword and the runes Ith, El, Eth for the OP bleeding runeword! D2 late game for both? Hunt for unique items (targetable by boss & high magic find) and look for high runes to make stronger runewords! 11 Tháng 4 2017 +1 to All Skill Levels +10 to Energy +2 to Mana per Kill +30% Lightning Resist Damage reduced by 7 +2 to Light Radius. Malice Ith + El + Eth Level: 15. Melee Weapons 3 lỗ. +33% Enhanced Damage +9 to maximum Damage 100% chance of Open Wounds -25% Target Defense -100 Monster Defense per Aug 30, 2013 Since Rune Words can have variable modifiers, in the event of an unfavorable roll the Horadric Cube can also be used to remove the Rune Word for another attempt. Although the runes will be destroyed, they can sometimes be much more easily replaced than the armor or weapon: for example, the runes 

Apostle, au, 150, P, Mal-Pul-Um. Aquarius, bt,he,sh,to, 160, @, Ist-Ko-Ort. Aries, bt,he,sh,to, 160, @, Ist-Lum-Ral. Arnold, he, 140, Fal-Io-Um. Arrogant, me, 170, Gul-Amn-gmj. Authority, st, 130, Pul-Tir-Sol. Banal, ar, 35, Thul-Thul-Thul. Banditry, kn,xb, 35, Thul-Ith-gmj. Basic, ph, 60, B, Ral-Amn-Dol. Bauble, cm, 10, Eth-Eld-Tir.Odlišují se od gemů tím, že když jimi ozdobíte nějaký ozdobitelný předmět, a zasadíte kameny ve správném pořadí, vytvoříte tzv. runové slovo (Rune word) a získáte zajímavé magické bonusy. Kromě toho je Název. Foto. Požadovaný level. Účinek - zbraň. Účinek - štít, brnění. El . Ith + El + Eth (3 Socket Melee Weapons). mastering ethereum Aug 9, 2005 Cheap N' Easy: Runewords [NEW!!] - posted in Diablo II General: Since we started a new ladder everyone is obviously starting with lower runes. I noticed 4 runes that are getting more attention than the others. These runes are: Sol, Lum, Nef and Eth Sol, Lum, Nef and Eth are so desirable because they  best ethereum mining equipment Jan 13, 2018 bit if your minions are surviving quite well, but it shouldnt be necessary if you can get those 2 extra points into golem mastery. You should be able to get by just fine with an act 2 combat merc which provides prayer for some healing (maybe find a 3 socket pike and put the malice - ith el eth - runeword in it). 09 Runewords[/highlight] Ancients' Pledge Ral-Ort-Tal Black Dol- Eld-Hel-Ist-Tir-Vex Smoke Nef-Lum Stealth Tal-Eth Steel Tir-El 用語 正式名称 分類 Realm for all d2 singleplayer related Ith El Eth: Stealth: Level 17: Tal Eth: Leaf: Level 19: Tir Ral: Zephyr: Level Hardcore Sorceress Guide some of which can make you very Jan 3, 2011 El Eld Tir Nef Eth Ith Tal Ral Ort Thul Amn Sol Shael Dol Hel Io Lum Ko Fal Lem Pul Um Mal Ist Gul Vex Ohm Lo Sur Ber Jah Cham Zod could you by any chance provide some close up photos of runes, I really want to get a Beast runeword tattoo on my forearm, but can't find nowhere good resolution 

Honor -> Amn-el-Ith-Tir-Sol +160% Enhanced Damage +9 To Minimum Damage +9 To Maximum Damage 25% Deadly Strike +250 To Attack Rating +1 to All Skills 7% Life Stolen Per Hit Replenish Life +10 +10 To Strength +1 To Light Radius +2 To Mana After Each Kill Malice -> Ith-El-Eth +33% Enhanced Damage+3-14 Cold dmg, 3 sec. Malice. Melee Weapons. Ith El Eth. 33% Enhanced dmg. +9 Max dmg. Prevent Monster Heal. Open Wounds 100%. -25% Target Def. -100 Target Def Per Hit. +50 Attack Rating. Drain Life -5. Melody. Missile Weapons. Shael Ko Nef. 50% Enhanced dmg. 20% IAS. Knockback. +300% dmg vs Undead. where can you spend bitcoin in the uk Malice, Ith (6) + El (1) + Eth (5), All Melee Weapons {3}, 15, +33% Enhanced Damage +9 Maximum Damage +50 to Attack Rating 100% Chance of Open wounds -100 to Monster Defense per Hit Prevents Monster Heal -25% Target Defense Drain Life -5, v.1.09+. Melody, Shael (13) + Ko (18) + Nef (4), Bows & Xbows {3}, 39  0.002 btc to eth @desc make and reroll runewords */ var Runeword = { // 1.09 AncientsPledge: [617, 618, 616], // Ral + Ort + Tal Black: [619, 625, 613], // Thul + Io + Nef Fury: [640, 634, 614], // Jah + Gul + Eth HolyThunder: [614, 617, 618, 616], // Eth + Ral + Ort + Tal Honor: [620, 610, 615, 612, 621], // Amn + El + Ith + Tir + Sol KingsGrace:  Aug 26, 2012 Newest Additions Three new Runewords were listed in the October 2001 CGW magazine. sockets Honor Amn-El-Ith-Tir-Sol v1.09: Realm & Open Amn (11) + El (1) + Ith (6) + Tir (3) + Sol (12) Clvl Required: 27 Weapon: Melee 5 sockets Holy Thunder Eth-Ral-Ort-Tal v1.09: Realm & Open Eth (6) + Ral (8) 

Aug 24, 2006 El Eth Tir(Any Item). When you are killed by a player, that player also dies. Hardcore Only*. If this was an item i could carry in my backpack, all my HC "Zealots Salvation". Zod-Ith-Jah-Ber. 4 socket scepters. Reduces iron maiden duration by 99%. 50% chance to cast lvl 50 fist of the heavens on curse Big Sister, 遠距離武器・Quadチャーム, 60, Ort-Ith-Dol-Amn,, 逃走を気にしなければ。 Eagle Eye, 爪, 60, Dol-Thul-Tal-gmj. Famished, 打突武器, 60, Nef-Dol-Tal-gmj. Mustang Cobra, 靴, 60, Eld-Dol-El-gmj. Peace Eternal, 兜, 60, Shael-Dol-Eth-gmj. Serendipity's Sake, 遠距離武器, 60, Dol-Ral-Eth-gmj. Vermilious Tempest  ethereum mining rate Aug 15, 2014 Zephyr Ral-Ort-Tal Thul-Io-Nef Jah-Gul-Eth Eth-Ral-Ort-Tal Amn-El-Ith-TirSol Amn-Ral-Thul Tir-Ral Hel-Lum-Fal Ort-Sol Ith-El-Eth Shael-Ko-Nef Lum-Io-Sol-Eth Nef-Tir Nef-Sol-Ith Shael-Eth Dol-Eld-Hel-IstTir-Vex Nef-Lum Tal-Eth Tir-El Amn-Tir Tal-Dol-Mal Lem-Ko-Tir Dol-Io Ort-Eth 1.10 Runewords(1 of  eth zurich faculty D2 Rune Tool. Base controls. Check off the runes you have, set any options you like, and click "do it" to see what you can do with your runes. El rune El, Ith rune Ith, Amn rune Amn, Io rune Io, Pul rune Pul, Vex rune Vex, Jah rune Jah. Eld rune Eld, Tal rune Tal, Sol rune Sol, Lum rune Lum, Um rune Um, Ohm rune Ohm Chaos(Runeword) Fal-Ohm-Um - Claw *задължително за този вариант. Malice(Runeword) Ith-El-Eth - Claw + Shael rune. Uniq Corona - Helm + Poison Jewel Bramble(Runeword) Ral-Ohm-Sur-Eth - Armor Shadow Dancer - Boots Trang Oul's Claw - Gloves Raven Frost - Ring Bul kathos - Ring Highlord's Wrath - AmuletNov 20, 2009 Socket Weapons/Body Armor El + Sol + Dol + Lo Fury=3 Socket Melee Weapons Jah + Gul + Eth Gloom=3 Socket Body Armor Fal + Um + Pul Grief=5 Socket Swords/Axes Eth + Tir + Lo + Mal + Ral Hand of Justice=4 Socket Weapons Sur + Cham + Amn + Lo Harmony=4 Socket Missile Weapons Tir + Ith 

Rune Cham Rune Zod Rune **Runewords[w][newrow][runeword] *Runewords Ancients' Pledge, Ral-Ort-Tal Black, Thul-Io-Nef Fury, Jah-Gul-Eth Holy Thunder, Eth-Ral-Ort-Tal Honor, Amn-El-Ith-Tir-Sol King's Grace, Amn-Ral-Thul Leaf, Tir-Ral Lionheart, Hel-Lum-Fal Lore, Ort-Sol Malice, Ith-El-Eth Melody, Shael-Ko-Nef Mar 21, 2011 3.1 Leech; 3.2 Synergy; 3.3 Tank; 3.4 AoE (typically called "Crowd Control"); 3.5 Gambling; 3.6 Hotkeys; 3.7 Runewords/Simply just saying the name of the Runeword .. El, 50.0569972%. Eld, 35.7066925%. Tir, 29.8937898%. Eth, 21.4034589%. Nef, 20.6893889%. Tal, 18.0724854%. Ith, 14.6487044%. wilson lee bitcoin El Rune, 626534.6036, 1. Eld Rune, 417689.7358, 1.5. Tir Rune, 317354.6131, 1.974241362. Nef Rune, 211569.7421, 2.961362043. Eth Rune, 208324.1542, 3.007498607. Ith Rune, 138882.7695, 4.511247911. Tal Rune, 164387.4118, 3.81132957. Ral Rune, 109591.6079, 5.716994355. Ort Rune  mining ethereum and siacoin Ancients' Pledge Ral Ort Tal Shield Armageddon Amn Jo Cham Sol Amn Ith Axe, Club, Polearm, Hammer Authority Zod Gul Um Helm Beast Zod Tir Um Mal Lum Axe, Club, Hammer Beauty El Ral Eth Helm Black Po Sol Eld Club, Hammer, Mace Blood Jo Ber El Um Spear, Axe, Sword Bone Lum Eld Spear, Wand Bramble Can be made in 3 Socket Melee Weapons. It is important to insert runes in that order: Ith > El > Eth, otherwise it will not become a runeword.Promotion quests: The promotion Quest to Knight: Create a lvl 1 hardcore character play with him/her until you killed Bloodraven. You must do this quest in closed realm to avoid cheating. A councillor will be present to watch your progress but doesnt interfere. If you fail, you die , then you may do the same test the next day or 

Ith el eth runeword


Malice 3 Socket Melee Weapons Ith + El + Eth +33% Enhanced Damage +9 To Maximum Damage 100% Chance Of Open Wounds -25% Target Defense -100 To Monster Defense Per Hit Prevent Monster Heal +50 To Attack Rating Drain Life -5. Melody 3 Socket Missile Weapons Shael + Ko + Nef +50% Enhanced Damage 42, 4, Mustang Cobra, bt, Eld-Dol-El-gmj. 42, 4, Peace Eternal, he, Shael-Dol-Eth-gmj. 42, 4, Serendipity's Sake, mi, Dol-Ral-Eth-gmj. 42, 4, Sorrow's Tears, hd, Eth-Dol-Nef-gmj. 42, 4, Vermilious Tempest, mi, Nef-Thul-Dol-gmj. 42, 4, Vermin Horde, pe, Dol-Tir-Ith-gmj. 42, 5, Bigger Brother, me, Ith-Ort-Dol-Amn-gmj.Понеже немога те проумея какво точно питаш ти давам 2-та варианта: Original RuneWords · 1.10 RuneWords · 1.11 RuneWords 3 El Runes -> 1 Eld Rune 3 Eld Runes -> 1 Tir Rune 3 Tir Runes -> 1 Nef Rune 3 Nef Runes -> 1 Eth Rune 3 Eth Runes -> 1 Ith Rune 3 Ith Runes -> 1 Tal Rune 3 Tal Runes  gtx 970 ethereum Blood (Spears) (Axe) (Sword) - Jah - Ber - El - Um Broken Promise (All Weap) - Tal - Ohm - Dol Chance (All Weap) - Lo - Ral Darkness (Melee Weap) - Tal - Amn - Gul - Nef - Thul Daylight (Melee Weap) - Amn - Tir - Jah Death (All Weap) - Dol - Lem - Nef - Tal - Eth Desire (Helm) - Lo - Ort - Ith Despair  Biggin's Bonnet, Cap (TC 3). Tarnhelm, Skull Cap (TC 6). 1, 1, Coif of Glory, Helm (TC 12). 1, 1, Duskdeep, Full Helm (TC 15). 1, 1, The Face of Horror, Mask (TC 21). 1, 1, Howltusk, Great Helm (TC 24). 2, 2, Wormskull, Bone Helm (TC 24). 1, 1, Undead Crown, Crown (TC 30) "runeword-1.10": "Yes",. "runeword-1.09": "No",. "runeword-info": "VexHelElEldZodEth/nVex (26) + Hel (15) + El (1) + Eld (2) + Zod (33) + Eth (5)/nAll Weapons {6}/nClvl Required: 69". }, .. "runeword-1.10": "Yes",. "runeword-1.09": "No",. "runeword-info": "JahIthBer/nJah (31) + Ith (6) + Ber (30)/nArmor {4}/nClvl Required: 65".



Ith el eth runeword

17 Mar 2005 +2 do promienia światła. Malice Ith-El-Eth Broń Wymaga 15 lvl, +33% do obrażeń +9 do maksymalnych obrażeń +50 do skuteczności ataku 100% szans na otwarcie ran -100 obrony przy uderzeniu. Zapobiega leczeniu się potworów -25% do obrony przeciwnika. Wysysanie życiaa -5. Radiance Nef-Sol-Ith